What to Expect


We are at Exit 80 on I-55, just 10 miles South of Springfield, IL. Drive straight off the exit ramp into town, and turn left on Second St. We are the red church just past the town square.

What About My Children!?

We have a nursery provided for children up to four (4) years old, staffed by caring and experienced workers.

Style of Church:

We’re an independent Baptist church, standing firmly on the bedrock of Scripture and orthodox Christian doctrine, such as:

  1. The inerrancy of Scripture,
  2. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ,
  3. The substitutionary atonement of Christ for sinners, on their behalf,
  4. The literal, bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead, and
  5. The authenticity of miracles in the Biblical record, and many others as well.

More than that, we believe these “fundamentals” of the faith are precious and must be defended. They are not matters of personal opinion or interpretation. To alter these precious truths is to basically alter the Christian faith to that of “another Gospel.”

As Baptists, we hold to the distinctly Biblical practices of:

  1. The Bible as the sole infallible authority for faith and practice. There is nothing wrong with books, commentaries, creeds or confessions – these are extremely helpful and appropriate. All of these documents, however, are only valid insofar as they agree with what Scripture says.
  2. Salvation and baptism (by immersion) as prerequisites for church membership. This distinctive, more than anything else, is what sets Baptists apart from all denominations. We believe that only saved, regenerated believers can join a local church. Moreover, only saved, regenerated people are eligible for baptism. This is what the New Testament teaches, and this is why we practice it.
  3. The independence of the local church. The local church is autonomous and independent, free to govern its own affairs as it sees fit.
  4. The Christian privilege to have direct, personal access to the Lord through the blessings of the New Covenant. A Christian doesn’t need a human intermediary or advocate to go before God in his place – Christ is our perfect High Priest, and He has given us access to boldly approach the throne of grace for ourselves.
  5. The principle of personal responsibility to the Lord. Each Christian is personally accountable to God for what he believes and practices.
  6. The two ordinances of baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper.
  7. Separation of church and state. Baptists have the most extensive martyrology of any other Christian group precisely because we have always fought for the New Testament teaching of independence from the “state church.”
  8. Intentional separation from the sin and wickedness of this world.

We sing the old hymns of the faith, and conduct our worship in a manner and style appropriate to the holiness our God commands all believers us to follow (1 Peter 1:15-16). We seek to apply God’s Word in a powerful and practical way to everyday life.


We believe the local church is like a family, and a family gets together more than once or twice per week! Each of our four weekly worship services are intentionally different and have distinct purposes. We believe this adds variety and depth of learning for the Christian life.

  • Adult Sunday School @ 9:30.  This is an interactive Bible study. We enjoy an interactive time of Bible study, focusing on theology. Rather than a standard preaching sermon, where everybody sits and listens, we all talk and discuss difficult topics directly from the Scripture. Questions are asked and answered, with an emphasis on theology and doctrine for the Christian life. Lessons may be either topical or come about in a verse by verse journey through a particular book of Scripture.
  • Children’s Sunday School @ 9:30. Over the course of four years, children in our Sunday School will systematically march through the story and events of the entire Bible, with a special emphasis on God’s unfolding plan of redemption through His eternal Son, Jesus Christ. We use Regular Baptist Press for our curriculum
  • Sunday Morning @ 10:30. This is usually an evangelistic message, exhorting lost people to repent of their sins, place saving faith in Jesus Christ and be reconciled to God. It is also a clear call for Christians to walk worthy of their calling present themselves a living sacrifice to God. As of July, 2017, we are currently looking at The Ten Commandments, found in Exodus 20.
  • Sunday Luncheon @ 11:45. Join us for a church-wide luncheon immediately after the morning service! It costs nothing, and is always delicious!
  • Sunday Afternoon @ 1:00. This message is more of a family time, as we discuss specific questions submitted by the congregation and cover very practical issues related to all aspects of Christian life. Again, this could be topical or expository. We could be talking about how to grow in Christ, why we’re Baptists, what the Scriptures say about current issues of the day, and others important topics.
  • Prayer Meeting, Wednesday Evenings @ 7:00. This is an interactive Bible study, as we march through a particular book of Scripture (especially neglected books!) and see what it means for our Christian life. Again, this is interactive! Questions are asked, discussions are had and we all don’t just sit and listen – we learn together.